Hi, I am Kat Feeney | NourishedBoss.

Truth is, you can start and scale a successful business without getting up at 5am, meditating for 60 mins, exercising 7 times per week, eating perfectly, or working 100 hours a week.

Being THAT BOSS is disadvantageous in the long run. If we're constantly burning out, we are not succeeding. I think we could all agree it's not worth building a successful business if you are constantly stressed and overworked in the process.

After seeing so many women experience burnout from hustle culture in both corporate and entrepreneurship, I realized we need a new way of doing business that is effective and sustainable.

We are doing things differently around here:

Choosing a business model that is best for YOU.

Sustainable growth, without burnout.

A simple and supportive approach to health & wellness.

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