Healthy Habits Club

The dieting industry has us believing that we need extreme restrictions or a specific diet in order to be healthy and happy. Not true. What our body needs is to be supported and energized. 

You are ambitious. You have important things to achieve. You need solid energy and a clear mind.

We nourish our bodies with high quality supplements, eat whole foods with easy & nourishing recipes. We move our body in fun ways like yoga, HIIT & more. And we do mindset work, breathwork, and tapping. Basically - you can make this whatever is best for YOU. 

You receive access to all of our favourite whole food recipes, live workouts and past recordings, a library of nutrition content and mindset work - choose your own adventure (and definitely ask if you want recommendations once you're in there!)

This is offered specifically through our Arbonne team. You buy products you love through my consultant link, nourish your body, and get access to the recipes, trainings, mindset work, and a private Facebook community. 

Any minimum $150 purchase of Arbonne products through my link gets you access to the Club. Shop my link here or shop my pre-selected kits below.


This is literally our way of saying thanks to our community who purchase the products they love. This entire 30 day program is a fun bonus to our clients to walk through creating a lifestyle that makes you feel your best. 

P.S. All of Arbonne's products come with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. After trying so many products, these have become my fav, but who knows.. you might hate them ;). 

Once you have purchased using my link, send me your order by email ( or on IG @nourishedboss & you are ready to go! 

 XO, Katherine